They say we spend one-quarter of our life sleeping. If that is true, should we not have bedrooms that are worthy of so much of our life? We offer some of the most beautiful bedroom furniture sets and a fraction of the price that you will find at warehouse stores.


We offer a wide selection of bedroom sets. Styles range from simple elegance, contemporary to sophisticated. We have all the best colors to match your bedroom and your tastes. Offer hardwood, metal and composite beds. We have beds that are built with built in storage systems to increase the storage potential of your bedroom. Finished include gloss and matte. If you are shopping for a new bedroom set come on down and check out our collection. We have offer richly detailed sets that are made from quality products for cheap prices.


Northland Furniture is not a cheap furniture store. We offer the best quality products for cheap prices. We are a family owned business, so we are able to set our prices without corporate interference. Because we are locally owned, we do not have to mark up our furniture 300%. We are able to offer you the quality furniture at truly affordable prices.

We offer whole house furniture selection. All of our furniture is priced cheaply. We offer outstanding living room furniture sets with high grade couches, end tables, coffee tables, and ottomans and lighting. We offer everything you need to make your house into your home.

We have an outstanding selection of living room furniture. We sell sofa sets, end tables, ottomans, coffee tables, lighting and even area rugs. We have sectionals, reclining, leather, and sets from which you can choose. You can by piece right off the showroom floor, or we can special order exactly what you want. Shipping is usually only 1-2 weeks. 

Mattresses and sets

If you are buying a new bedroom set, we encourage you to buy a new mattress set too. We offer all sizes of mattresses. They range from Crib to California King. If you need a new mattress set come in and test drive our Beautyrest Recharge mattresses. If you need a custom sized mattress made for your trailer or camper, we can do that for you too. All we need are the exact measurements, and we can get that started for you. The process takes about three weeks.

If you want or need new furniture, Northland Furniture should be the first place you shop. We offer incredible prices on quality brand name furniture. Stop by and see what we have in stock for you.